The beginning of November kicks off the next two months of holiday hosting! With cooler weather comes football, Thanksgiving and family time. Whether you are throwing a small tailgate party in your backyard or inviting over your entire family for Thanksgiving dinner, here are some tips to help you be the best hostess with the mostess at your next gathering without breaking the bank.


Photo by  Ailee Petrovic

Similar to your closet, it’s important to invest in staple pieces that will last forever. I really love white serving pieces because of the versatility that it can provide. Marble boards, simple white plates and platters can be used year-round for different occasions. If you want to add some color based on the theme of your party, you can add some extra textures and colors into the napkins, centerpieces or even simple placecards. It’s fairly easy to find timeless pieces in all price ranges.


When you’re planning out your menu, take the colors of the food in mind. It can really double up as decor for your next party.  If you’re assembling a cheese board, add grapes, berries, fresh herbs, dried apricots or fruit preserves to add color and texture to the display.


Last year for Friendsgiving, I used a variety of seasonal fruits, veggies and shelled nuts as a table runner. I then added greenery I trimmed from the yard as filler to create a really beautiful centerpiece. Not only did my guests give me so many compliments, but it was so easy to throw together. It was a really easy DIY holiday decor that didn’t cost me much at all. I ended up using this for several dinners the coming weeks. I’ve really been loving the place cards made out of leaves, cans repurposed as centerpieces, and spray painted branches. There are literally an endless amount of items you can use around the house to decorate your next event.


Photo by  Ailee Petrovic

Having really fun and unique glassware can really make all the difference in the world to your table setting. There are so many types of glasses that you can choose from - milk glasses, elegant glasses, and modern day glasses. Some come in so many different colors to match your taste. HomeGoods, World Market and local antique shops have a great selection at affordable prices.

As you can see, you can impress your guests without spending a fortune. There are so many ways that you can dress up your table by repurposing items around the house and several places to bargain hunt for classic serving pieces. I’m always looking for creative ideas for the next party and would love to hear some of your budget friendly hostess tips! What was your favorite household item that you repurposed?