A Floral Infused Cocktail & Mocktail Recipe

I think my instagram feed is evidence enough that I love making pretty cocktails. I'm really not sure why it's taken me so long to use edible flowers in my beverages but if you come over anytime this summer, don't be alarmed when you have floral iced cubes in your drink! 

I teamed up with some of the most talented ladies in Houston for this fun floral inspired cocktail/mocktail shoot that I wanted to share just in time for the weekend! Cheers!

cocktail recipe.jpg

Floral Fizz
Add the following to a cocktail shaker filled with ice: one ounce of vodka, juice from half a lemon, half a tablespoon of rose infused simple syrup (bought at Central Market) but you have infuse your own by adding rose petals to equal parts water and sugar then bringing to a boil to dissolve sugar. Give it a good shake then pour into a coupe glass and top with brut champagne and edible flower garnish.

Don't worry, if you don't drink I created a pretty mocktail that's so refreshing and perfect for summertime! And if you're wondering where to get edible flowers, I picked mine up at Central Market in the produce section next to the fresh herbs.

Sparkling Rose Lemonade
This is probably one of the easiest but most impressive mocktails ever. I added edible flowers to filled silicon ice cube trays and let them freeze overnight. When you're ready to make the drink, you fill a glass with ice cubes then add half a tablespoon of rose infused simple syrup then add sparkling lemonade and stir well.

Note: You can make these ice cubes and keep them in your freezer to add to any beverage all summer long! 

This was such a fun collaboration with some very talented Houston ladies! Cocktail menu by Meg Lawrence of Pour L'Amour Creative | Photos by Ailee Petrovic | Acrylic stirrer and coaster by Monica Eskridge of Paper Flour Ink | Florals, styling & cocktails by Cake & Confetti