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Today I’m sharing how to spruce up any porch or patio with a DIY living greenery wall with Devine Color by Valspar! I’ve seen several variations of a greenery wall floating around and when we redecorated our screened in porch a few months ago, I knew it would be the perfect addition to the space. Three of the four walls on the porch are screens and the fourth is brick making it difficult to hang decor. So I decided to use a large pegboard to easily hang items and spruce up the space. I really love the way it turned out - it definitely makes a statement on the patio!


On the scale of do it yourself projects, this one is relatively easy as long as you leave the woodwork to the professionals at your local hardware store. The great thing about pegboard is that you have flexibility and can get really creative with the items you choose to include. I decided to stick with mostly plants - a mix of real and artificial and a little bit of decor to add in different textures. First things first you'll need to pick your color scheme.

You can get your project started online with Devine Color + Target exclusive products.




  • Devine Color by Valspar spray paint in IceLight for the shelves and Metallic Copper for the hardware available exclusively at Target

  • Artificial plants and decor from Target

  • Copper geometric shapes purchased at Target

  • Pegboard cut to the desired size - mine is 8 ft by 5 ft to fit a space on our porch

  • Two 2x1” trim pieces cut to the height of your pegboard

  • Three shelves cut from high quality plywood - I used 7”x1” so it’s wide enough to fit the planters

  • Six 2” screws

  • Nine 8” pegboard shelf hooks

  • One 2” pegboard hook for the hanging basket

  • Electric screwdriver

  • Small plants ideal for indirect sunlight



I picked up two shades of Devine Color at Target in the home improvement section (near the light bulbs!) and also grabbed some planters in coordinating colors, artificial plants and decor to accessorize the shelves while I was there. The Devine Color line has been coordinated with Target Home Décor which makes grabbing paint and home decor in the same spot such a breeze and made this project so much easier to pull together. 


To make things easier, I had the pegboard, shelves, and trimming cut to size at my local hardware store. Be sure to sand down any rough edges especially on the shelves to make sure the paint goes on smooth and evenly. Apply the first coat of Devine Color IceLight spray paint to the wooden shelves. For the pegboard hooks, be sure to use Devine Color Primer to prep the hooks before using the Metallic Copper spray paint. While it’s drying use the electric screwdriver to attach the wooden trim to either side of the back of the pegboard to make it more sturdy.


Once the paint is dry turn the shelves and apply another coat until the shelves and hooks are completely covered. The Devine Color paint has the primer built in so it makes painting raw wood really easy. You want to give the paint time to dry before assembling the project. I’d recommend letting everything set overnight.


When you’re ready to assemble the wall, put the pegboard in place and secure it. NOTE: We currently have ours leaning against the side of the house because we just had our brink painted a few weeks ago and still have some work to do. Once that project is done I’ll use three 2 ½ inch screws to hang the wall so it’s secure.


Once you have the pegboard in place you’ll choose where you want to hang your shelves. I decided to stagger the three evenly on the pegboard giving enough room in between for the tall plants I picked out. The assembly is really easy, the distance between each hole in the pegboard is an inch so I counted seven holes and inserted the hook and repeated until all nine hooks were in place. Then you’ll set the painted shelves on the hooks and accessorize with plants and decor. I added in a few geometric shapes I purchased from Target as wall decor.

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