Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I know I say this before every holiday but how is Easter only a couple weeks away?! We have our first Easter egg hunt this upcoming weekend and I’m super excited for Piper to experience the fun. She was only a few months old last Easter so I kept her Easter basket pretty simple but now that she’s a full blown toddler, this Easter is extra special. Bed Bath & Beyond is my go-to when it comes to holidays and entertaining so when I was searching for what to add to her basket, I headed there first! I really try to mix practical and fun items for all holiday gifts and I was super pleased with the online selection at Bed Bath & Beyond. Plus their warehouse is in Texas so shipping is typically really fast. Huge bonus for all you Texas mamas!

This is the first time I’ve seen plant based Easter eggs and I’m super excited about them! The colors are fun and if we miss a few eggs in the yard we don’t have to stress so that’s a huge win. Last but not least, Piper’s favorite part of the Easter basket - the candy! Bed Bath & Beyond sells the cutest Candy Club jars and I couldn’t resist adding a few. We plan to stuff the eggs with other things she loves like stickers instead of candy so I love the addition of the jars to the basket. I let Piper try the cupcake bites and she’s officially hooked! You can see her snacking on them in these photos in an effort to get her to sit still and smile. ;) I also included the gummy butterflies and rainbow wheels but I’m saving them for Easter morning!


Piper is obsessed with books right now and I’m always on the hunt for books we don’t have on our bookshelf. I can’t believe we don’t already own Pat the Bunny. It’s such a cute book and each page has an interactive prompt which are our favorite right now.

She loves to drink out of adult cups and I got her a small version with unicorns on it. The lid screws on so she can’t spill water all over the place so that’s a huge mom win!

Piper is all about her baby dolls right now so I couldn’t pass up this soft doll dressed as a bunny! I was even able to put her little redhead doll in the bunny costume. It looks like a mini Piper June and I’m obsessed.

I’d love to hear what are your go-to items for toddler Easter baskets? I plan to add a cute swimsuit and new shoes to the basket because my mom used to always give us those items for Easter and I love the idea of passing down traditions!