One of my favorite holidays is on Sunday and even though I’ll be traveling, you better believe I’ll be celebrating with a margarita in hand! I absolutely love Mexico - the food, dresses, Otomi pattern you name it, I’m here for it! We are headed to Punta Mita, Mexico in a few weeks and I’m getting ready by celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a hydrating margarita recipe. I promise I will post a trip recap after this stay in Punta Mita as I know many of you have asked.

There are so many great margarita recipes and inspirations on my Pinterest page and blog that you can find below, but I have a new fresh recipe for you! The older I get the more focused I am on cocktail recipes that will minimize the next day sluggish feeling. I made a spin on the flavors of a Pina Colada and Skinny Margarita on the rocks. Cheers!

Calligraphy by Kristen Leigh from Paris Texas Apparel Co.



  • 3 oz Canned coconut water ( in Mexico they serve it straight out of the fresh baby coconut, but I don’t trust myself with a big machete, so we will stick to TJ coconut water)

  • 1 oz Canned pineapple juice (fresh if you can find would be better, but I used canned Dole)

  • 2 oz Blanco tequila

  • ½ a lime juice squeezed

  • Lots of ice


  • Limes

  • Sliced pineapple (I buy pre sliced at TJ)

  • TJ chile lime seasoning

Mix all the ingredients together and pour over ice. To garnish, place slices of limes floating in glass and one pineapple spear with a dusting of TJ chile lime on the edge. It visually lets your guest know that this margarita is slightly tropical and is delicious. 

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