I couldn't be more excited to have this past week behind me. The combination of Piper getting sick for the first time and Trent out of town a few nights for work, I was hanging on by a thread! I promise these posts won't always be filled with some version of 'OMG this is so hard' but it's just where I'm currently at. I do however think we're turning a corner in my motherhood journey. We switched to hypoallergenic formula this weekend and Piper is SO much happier! I'll

Since it was a really tough week I don't really have any favorite moments so I'm sticking to five products I'm currently loving!


IDK why it took me so long to buy one of these. I guess I read one too many articles about the best baby products for 2017 and a large swing definitely wasn't listed! But she was unamused by the rock-a-roo and disinterested with the rock and play after a month so ten weeks in, I had to figure out something. I almost bought one on Amazon but it was three day shipping with Amazon Prime and I was in a bind. So I went to Target and snagged this one and she loves it so far! The seat vibrates which she seems to be into and there's a white noise setting on the sound machine. She's content sitting in here for 20-30 minutes at a time which is a win for me!


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.16.58 AM.png

I still have 15 pounds of baby weight to lose so I haven't wanted to buy any clothes just yet! But last Sunday after staying the night at my parents house, my mom watched Piper and I ran to J. Crew Factory in Katy. I only bought three things and two of them were this skirt in different colors! I love the scallop detail and stretchy waistband is perfect for my current stage. :)


sparkling rose cans cake and confetti

The perfect portion without having to pop the whole bottle! I love these little cans and they taste much better than some of the other brands I've tried. Sometimes after Piper's witching hour I'll have a little can of rosé while I catch up on Bravo. It's the perfect way to decompress after a tough day! FYI I found them in the refrigerated wine end cap at HEB :) 


Trent's sister bought these boots for Piper and brought them over a few weeks ago but I forgot to share them then! I figure since it's rodeo season in Houston, today is better than any! She definitely needs to grow in them but they're soft leather and have her monogram on the back!


I started using this moisterizer a couple weeks ago after my sister recommended it and I've already noticed a huge difference in my skin. My forehead wrinkles and less noticeable and my makeup goes on really smooth. I'd put this up against some of the $50-60 moisterizers I've tried!