When Piper was four months old we started working with virtual sleep trainer, Eat Play Sleep and she was a game changer for us! Piper was your typical newborn, waking up every 3-4 hours for the first few months but month three was super tough. I’m convinced Piper was outsmarting us! She started waking up every 2 hours and all the iced coffee in the world couldn’t help me get through the day. I shared about my struggles on Instagram and someone recommended Tiffany with Eat Play Sleep and I reached out to her immediately. Yes, it’s an investment but sleep is so worth it! I know there are a lot of great books out there to help with sleep training and if you’re able to keep yourself accountable, that’s awesome! But I’m definitely not that type.

She held me accountable for getting on (and sticking to) a schedule. She would check in with us via email every morning to see how the night went and make minor changes to the schedule. After two weeks, Piper was sleeping through the night and has continued sleeping well since then. The only time she wakes up during the night is when she’s sick and that’s few and far between! We haven’t experienced any sleep regressions (knock on wood!!) and if she does wake up, she might cry for two minutes then goes back down.

I asked Tiffany to share a few simple tips for surviving daylight savings time with a baby or toddler.


  • Wake your baby or toddler up at 7am, yes, even if that means one hour less of sleep for you and the baby, but since he or she is on a 12 hr schedule, they will adapt quickly by being tired again by 7pm.

  • For the next week or two, wake babe up by 7am if still sleeping, and your day will be back on track (mom may be off track) but just make sure you are going to bed early enough to get your sleep. And set an alarm to wake them in the am and to wake your self up. If you don’t wake them, they will fight bedtime and no need to face that if you don’t have to.

  • Hard exercise, meaning go for a 45 min walk (no stroller) and find treasures, go for a 45 min scooter or balance bike ride, do relay races at a park, go somewhere to get hard exercise before dinner. Yes, it’s easier on mom to do indoor play, play in the backyard or put on a show, but toddlers need hard exercise. Especially if toddlers are having any sleep issues, first thing to look at is what are they doing for exercise between 3-5 pm.