Putting your best foot forward online + styling discount code!

There is no doubt social media and online marketing are essential to the success of creative businesses. Whether you're a maker, a photographer or shop owner, I'm sure you've felt the pressure to always have new content and freshly styled images to include on your website, social media or newsletter. I completely understand running around your house at 9:30am desperately trying to put together a styled photo of your Monday morning coffee to post before 10am - because that's when you reach most of your followers, right?! There are a lot of various pressures we put on ourselves as creative business owners, but standing out online is definitely near the top of the list.

The issue you face when you race against the clock and "just need to get a photo out there" is you forget why you need to post the photo in the first place. Before tapping the share button, do you ask yourself "what does this image convey to my audience? Does this photo best represent my brand? Reach my ideal customer?" Or am I just putting it out there so I can draw a line through "post to Instagram" on my daily to-do list? A lot of strategy goes into social media marketing and I believe when you remove the pressure of creating the perfect styled photo, you can focus on conveying the heart of your brand to potential customers.

For the next week, I'm super excited to offer $200 off a limited number of my product styling, valued at $500 for 30 styled photos!

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