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Well you guys, we've officially made it to double digits - my due date is in 98 days and I seriously can't believe I'm going to be a mom SO soon! My pregnancy has been pretty uneventful except for throwing out my back on our summer vacation to Michigan in July and a few food aversions  - including veggies, seafood and buttered popcorn. The last one is really random, right?! But all in all, I really haven't minded being pregnant up to this point. 

One very important update..Trent and I chose our little girls name and agreeing was shockingly easy! Even though neither one of us had mentioned the name before, it was on both of our lists as a top favorite. It's not very common so it was absolutely meant to be! So far we've told close friends and family but are waiting until it's a little closer to share to everyone else. Stay tuned! 

We moved back into our house last week and even though we have boxes everywhere, I'm SO happy to be living at home! Now that the remodeling project is complete I can start focusing my attention on the nursery. I thought I had a rough idea of what I wanted but after talking it through with Ailee last night, I want to go a slightly different direction and design the room around really fun rug from Dazzling Decor. I originally planned to wallpaper one wall but now I think I'm going to stencil a pattern. It will either be a complete disaster or amazing - wish me luck!!

As my bump and everything for that matter have grown, I've had to figure out the world of maternity clothes. I've never been a fan of wearing anything tight so a lot of the bump hugging pieces you find in stores were out of contention. I've tried to find items that don't seem maternity but still give me plenty of room to grow. I've linked a handful of my current favorites from ASOS below. Clearly I have a thing for peplum dresses! The best part is you're able to dress up or down a lot of these options. I've worn both the black and magenta dresses (pictured in the post) to weddings but also dressed down with a pair of sandals. All my favorites are under $60 and can be worn postpartum as well!

Photos by Ailee Petrovic | @snapshotsandmythoughts

pregnancy update
pregnancy update maternity fashion