I have to say after pregnancy it feels weird counting months now instead of weeks! Piper is five weeks today and celebrated her one month birthday last Wednesday! It has been a festive first month of life for little Piper June between Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years we've had a lot to celebrate! She's met a lot of family, friends and babies that will be her future best friends most of which she slept through. :) We haven't gotten the whole schedule thing down yet but we feel lucky we're beginning to have more 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night and less of the 3 and 4. But all in all, she's a great baby. Besides witching hour we've only had a handful of the OMG how do I get her to stop crying moments. Praise the Lord for gas drops and The Windi!

The first month hasn't been easy but I expected that. I knew sleep would be in spurts and coffee would become my best friend but I didn't anticipate feeling like I never get anything done. I know, I know. What new mom expects to be productive during the first five weeks?! Don't get me wrong I'm soaking up all the baby snuggles but when she's sleeping I expected to get much more accomplished that I have. It sounds crazy I know. I'm used to going a million miles a minute and slowing myself down is really tough. I can't even remember the last vacation I didn't work in some capacity. Not that the first few weeks of motherhood compares to a vacation by any means but you get what I'm saying. Another new mom I follow on Instagram shared this article the other night and it brought me to tears (cue postpartum hormones!) This part put things into perspective for me:

"No mother has ever looked back on this time and thought, “I wish I had held my baby less.”

You will not remember the dishes that didn’t get done, the vacuuming that you just couldn’t make happen, or the dirty clothes you wore more often than you’d like to admit.

You will remember the first smile, the first belly laugh, the first words, the first steps.

You will remember the way you looked at your baby, and the way your baby looked at you." - Motherly

The most important job I'll ever have is being a mom to Piper and God her future brothers or sisters. So this week I've tried my best to go with the flow and letting go of my to-do list mentality. I might get "nothing" done some days but that "nothing" is the most important of all. So here's to working when I feel like it not when I feel pressured, snuggling with this sweet baby and finding a new series on Netflix to binge watch!