Thank you Pantene for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last fall I shared about my postpartum hair changes and thankfully it has improved drastically! My hair loss has tapered and my scalp is a lot healthier than it was six months ago. However, I'm convinced the texture of my hair is forever changed. I color my hair a few times a year and even though that's not super frequent, my hair feels brittle and breaks all the time especially around my face. I always had super strong hair before Piper - it was down to my waist in my mid 20's! But nowadays it feels damaged and coarse.

About month ago, I started using the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots once a week instead of my normal conditioner and I'm here to say they work! I've tried a dozen at-home hair masks and treatments but hate how they make my hair feel greasy and weighed down even when it's clean. I always struggled completely washing these masks out of my super thick hair. Since I only wash my hair a couple times a week, I don't want it to feel like it's covered in product. When my hair is clean I want it to feel that way! The Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots are a single dose-tube containing an absorbing blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and natural glycerin that targets the damaged areas to give hair the flexibility and resilience it needs to endure styling and environmental stresses.

Pantene is leveraging Brazil's secret to a great hair day and bringing it to the U.S. in the form of Intense Rescue Shots. Ideal for color-treated and heat-styled hair of all types, this new product aims to rescue damaged hair and ensure more great hair days in between trips to the salon.

After shampooing with the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo, I apply the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots and fully saturate my wet hair concentrating on the areas that are damaged from styling and coloring. I have a lot of breakage around my face so I separate out this section and make sure it's well coated. The product works super-fast so there's no need to hang in the shower or bath longer than you need to. Leave in for 30 seconds then rinse for 30 seconds and be sure not to over-rinse. It doesn't leave residue or have a greasy feel to it. I'm able to style my hair like normal and it doesn't have a "crunch" to it now. It's no wonder it's the #1 selling new treatment in the haircare category. Use the Intense Rescue Shots once a week in place of your normal conditioner.

If your hair feels over processed, I highly recommend giving the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots a try! My dry, color treated and damaged hair became more soft and visibly shiny hair in one use. The Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots are available now at Target!