owlet smart sock newborn favorites

One of my favorite baby items to date is the Owlet Smart Sock. When I was pregnant, we registered for a bassinet because we originally planned to keep Piper in our room for the first three months (or longer!!). After the first month of having Piper sleep in our room, we realized it was better for us all if she started to sleep in her crib. At the time I was still nursing and I felt like I couldn't sleep with her right next to me. I was waking up with every noise she made even though I knew she was fine.

When she was four weeks old we moved her into her nursery. Even though she was just down the hall, I was a little nervous for her being so far away. I slept so well knowing she was wearing the Owlet Smart Sock. I knew if her heart rate or oxygen levels fell out of the preset zone, the Owlet would notify me and an audible notification would go off from the base station in our room. Because of that, I was able to sleep soundly even if it was only for a few hours at a time.

Piper was small when she was born so we found it best to put a newborn size sock over the monitor to keep it in place. Once she grew a little bit it wasn't necessary but at first it helped avoid any misreadings. 

the owlet monitor

The app shows images like the one above to notify me that all of her readings are normal. The Owlet gives me so much peace of mind whether when I sleep. Definitely on my newborn "must have" list!