In September after seeing one of my favorite bloggers share about FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I immediately bought in. I’m pretty sure I pulled the trigger halfway through her stories! I had just tried Keto and after a month (without wine or sugar) my clothes still fit the same. I was so bummed! So when Liz Adams shared about still having wine and sugar during FASTer Way, I was completely on board.

I thought I was ready to take on a new challenge but little did I know, September would be the busiest month for my business ever. I was super overwhelmed with projects and pretty much considered the money I invested in the FWTFL program a loss. The coach I was assigned to didn’t really offer up easy meal ideas and being that I’m not a big Facebook group person, I decided the program wasn’t for me.

About a month later my friend, Stephanie with Olive & Tate gushed about how great her experience with the program had been. Her before and afters were amazing and she’s a wine lover like me! She suggested I give it another go with the guidance of super coach, Kristen Mills.

I’m so, so glad I gave it another shot! Kristen was so helpful even though I’m normally not the Facebook group type. She shares great content in the private group but her Instagram Stories were the most useful and informative for me. I’d pop into the FB group every now and then when I was trying to hit my macros or had a question but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to stay on track!

You don’t need to be familiar with intermittent fasting, carb cycling or counting macros to sign up. Kristen will teach you how to input your daily goals into My Fitness Pal and all the counting is done for you! You just need to trust Kristen and the program. It’s okay if it’s overwhelming at first but don’t give up before giving it a shot like I did the first round. You’ll have an online portal with recipe ideas, a list of foods to eat and to avoid and workouts at your fingertips.


  • Take the prep week seriously. Learn the program little by little so the official day one isn’t overwhelming.

  • Do your best to prep your meals. Kristen shares easy meal ideas on her Instagram stories so I’d use that as inspiration. Once I had a handful of go to meals and snacks, I’d rotate them based on whatever day it was.

  • I swear by Calfia Farms creamer. I can’t handle dairy on an empty stomach and almond milk isn’t thick enough to hold me over during fasting. The Calfia Farms creamer has a thicker consistency and the flavors are great! Plus it’s only 15 calories per serving so I could have two iced coffees.

  • Kristen will share helpful graphics at the beginning with references to what you should eat if you’re trying to add more fat, carbs or protein to hit your macros. I saved these to a #FWTFL folder on my phone along with my before photos.

  • Hang in there! The first couple weeks are overwhelming but don’t give up!


I know December 31st is New Years Eve but don’t fret! You can still enjoy champagne and all the fun food. That whole week is prep week and you’ll learn a little bit about the program everyday and the technical first day is January 7th.

I took this first photo during prep week on November 9th and my after photos were taken on December 18th. During that time I lost over 7 inches (mainly in my waist, bust and butt) without working out and still enjoying a glass of wine most nights. I made it through Thanksgiving, two weekends trips, holiday dinner parties and Piper’s birthday and countless other events. The beauty of this program is that it’s sustainable and if you get off track on day it doesn’t completely derail the plan.

If you’re interested but have questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me and I’ll do my best to help!

p.s. I never intended to share these which is why they aren’t the best photos. But hey, who cares

p.p.s. I will receive a referral fee if you use my link.

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