I have a few different Valentine’s/Galentine’s party ideas coming over the next couple weeks but you guys asked for more doable party backdrops and this one is 100% that! Obviously I love balloons for many reasons but most importantly, they add a huge statement and are relatively inexpensive. The bang for your buck is awesome if you ask me!

I collaborated with Tiffany of Glamfetti Co for this party so I’ll link to her website if you want to recreate at home! I’ve shared before about my balloon garland tutorial but if you don’t want to mess with figuring out how many balloons you need, various colors, etc you can order a customized balloon garland kit directly from her here. She has this down to a science, y’all! I normally wing it with my balloon garlands when it comes to colors, sizes, etc but if you don’t plan on making multiple garlands, I highly suggest ordering a kit from her!

For the heart we cut a cardboard box, used packing tape to create a rough heart shape then the low temp glue gun to attach the balloons to the cardboard. For my friends who are overwhelmed by the balloon tape tutorial, this one is for you! Yes, it takes a bit of time but you don’t have to be a super crafter. Tiffany brought over the rose gold balloons to spell out ‘hey girl’ and I love how it turned out!

We filled the rest of the table with sweets, florals and cute little cans of sparkling rosé!