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The first couple years of our relationship, Trent and I only did experiential gifts for Valentine’s Day. We used to always get each other a fun card with the date night description or tickets tucked inside. To be honest, Christmas JUST happened. It probably doesn’t help that our tree and decorations stay up embarrassingly long. But I digress, back to the gift giving.

Now that we’re parents, each own a business, and are busy nonstop, there’s nothing better than the gift of quality time together! Somewhere along the way, we stopped making it a point to focus on experiences with one another instead of gifts. So, I’m bringing it back this Valentine’s Day!

I chose two adorable PAPYRUS® Greeting Cards from Randall’s to give to him. I love using Papyrus cards because they are beautiful, stylish and exquisitely crafted! You can easily find these cards in the Randall's card section. Click below to shop at your local store!

One card I wrote had a sweet message about how much I love him and how much it means to me seeing him in the new role of Piper’s dad. The other card includes a couple tickets for us to do something fun together! Since he normally reads my posts, I can’t give it away but here are a few ideas to do with your signifiant other!



  • concert tickets

  • cooking class

  • rodeo tickets for my Houston friends!

  • comedy show

  • tickets to a movie theater that serves food and wine

  • couples massage

  • wine tasting

  • brunch and a museum visit

  • dinner at a new fun restaurant

  • something active you could do together like tennis, playing golf or hiking

If you have kiddos, be sure to book a sitter for the night!

Are you team Valentine’s Day gift? Or would you prefer to do something fun together?! Let me know what you think in the comments below!