This week was a doozy! Apparently Piper's going through a six week growth spurt right now and cluster fed on and off most of the week so I'm exhausted! During nap time the last few days I worked on organizing my office/playroom with the help of my mom then after Piper went to bed around midnight I replied to emails and wrote blog posts. This work from home mom thing is no joke! We started the office project the day before Piper was born (terrible timing huh!?) so it's taken much longer than it normally would. But my office was in box from June-January which is why I was so ready to get the room unpacked and organized. We still have a little bit to go but I can finally think clearly when I walk into the room. A huge win for me!



My friends over at Integrate Agency sent the sweetest baby gift including this C&C onesie! I've never been so excited to have my logo printed on something before. Of course I had to put her in it right away and snap a few photos. 



I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this rug because it was such a great deal but I'm really happy with it! We need to buy a thick rug pad of some extra cushion when we're playing with Piper but all in all it was a good purchase. I love all the colors!



I shared about the Lalabu shirt on Instagram stories and I'll say it again here, this shirt is a lifesaver! I have a wrap that I'll wear Piper in but sometimes it takes awhile to get situated. The Lalabu shirt is easy to put her in, has a flattering fit when she's not in the pouch and so far she loves it. I feel like she's my baby kangaroo when I wear it! :) p.s. before I had a baby I would never have posted a not so great iPhone photo but nowadays I'm just going with it! Better done than perfect, right?!



It's crazy to me that I didn't have to buy one thing to decorate these bookshelves. I quickly learned I'm a serious hoarder when it comes to cute colorful things! It's still a work in progress but I'm loving how it looks so far! 


Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.58.49 AM.png

I'm almost seven weeks postpartum and definitely not where I'd like to be! I keep reminding myself it took nine months to gain the baby weight and it's not going to fall off overnight so I need to cut myself some slack. But to be honest I'm not sure my hips will ever go back to how they were pre-pregnancy. That being said right now I'm loving shirts with a little longer fit to cover the area I'm self conscious about. I bought this shirt when I was at Old Navy on Saturday and I love it! The color is perfectly blush and the fabric is super soft.