It's no secret I love a tasty cocktail and when I found out I was pregnant this spring, I started trying out different mocktails so I could have something festive to sip on. And honestly, I haven't missed the real deal yet! Between me and you I definitely thought I would miss an occasional cocktail with friends or glass of rosé, but there's no FOMO here! I do however, get tired of just drinking water or sparkling water with lime 24/7. So today I've rounded up my current favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes. All of these are easy to whip up, colorful and delicious!



This recipe was part of a collaboration I did last spring and it's still one of my go to mocktails! The edible floral ice cubes make you feel like you're sipping on something fancy. You can buy edible flowers at high end grocery stores, batch a batch of ice cubes and pull them out of the freezer anytime you want to spruce up your beverage!

Get the recipe: Cake & Confetti | Photo by Ailee Petrovic


My strongest craving right now is for watermelon so trying this low sugar recipe was a no brainer for me - so good! I made a big pitcher when we were at the lake a few weeks ago. I stuck the rest in the freezer so I could enjoy it multiple days in a row. 

Get the recipe: Flavorite


Since it's a million degrees outside, when I'm out and about all I want is something icy cold to cool down. I've made many trips to Sonic for a cherry limeade - it's conveniently right in front of my Super Target so I can't resist! This raspberry mint limeade recipe is a fresh take swapping the cherry syrup for a homemade raspberry version. The muddled mint is the perfect finishing touch! 

Do you have a favorite mocktail? If so, please share the recipe below!