Ahhh sweaters, scarves and booties – we’re finally getting cooler weather in Texas and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start decorating my house with fall home decor to be used throughout the entire season so I hopped onto Pinterest to find a little inspiration. I’ve gathered a few simple and easy DIY fall decor ideas that you can easily make and use throughout the season. These DIY projects will be a perfect way to add a little flair to your home.


Let’s face it, Jack O’ Lanterns aren't always the cutest decor pieces to have sitting inside your home or on your front porch. Besides being really messy to make, the pumpkin goes bad after several days! What you want is a simple yet chic decor piece to have in your home that will be presentable from Halloween until Thanksgiving. There are tons of easy DIY pumpkin tutorials that don’t require carving a pumpkin. You can be creative when choosing the different materials to decorate your pumpkins with – sequins, glitter, paint, or even a fun printed fabric. Seriously, there are so many options! I really like the idea of adding color by simply adding cute words and quotes onto a simple pumpkin. Can't wait to make these!


Holiday wreaths are not only becoming more popular but also more modern. You can let your imagination run wild when creating these. You can keep the holiday wreaths traditional with grapevine, but my new personal favorite are wreaths with tons and tons of color. I can see these two wreaths hanging in classrooms! The kids would love them!

Dreaming in DIY

Dreaming in DIY


Banners and garlands are one of the easiest things to make and only require a minimum amount of materials. You can create them out of fabric, cardstock paper, burlap, or even newspapers – extremely affordable! These handmade home projects are the perfect festive pieces to hang on your mantel this fall. Affordable, easy and quick to create, you must add one to your DIY list!

What all do you do to help your home feel more cozy?