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It's that time of year to give thanks with friends and family! We all feel the pressure when it's our time to host Thanksgiving dinner: executing recipes that have been past down to generations, perfectly manicured house, clean dog (least of your worries), and making sure there is plenty of booze (you've most definitely got that covered). One of my favorite ways to show my family that I actually have my life together during the holidays is having a styled dinner table. I've found that fresh flowers, a few pumpkins, and eclectic pieces make such an impression and here's my tips on how to achieve a Thanksgiving tablescape in your own home. 

Fall Inspired Entertaining Items:

How To:

Step 1: Pick a color theme! Stay in the warmer tones and pick a pop of color that will stand out. Colors trending this year are copper, white porcelain and gold. Complimentary colors next your metals would be berry, burnt orange/rust and cream! 

Step 2: Use charcuterie boards as part of the tablespace. This is a great way to bring everyone around the table while you are finishing last touches to the turkey and dressings! I've linked a few for a great price point.

Step 3: Mix Fresh flowers with greenery clippings from your yard to add texture to the table. I love mixing in whole fruits like pumpkins, pomegranates, clemetines or pears for an unexpected touch.

Here's a few photos that have inspired me this season to create my tablescape!


Don't fret, you have plenty of time to plan out your dinner table before Thanksgiving. Just keep in mind that style doesn't have to have a large price tag!