As someone who grew up celebrating every single holiday including half birthdays, I'm having SO much fun experiencing holidays as a new mom. It probably comes as zero surprise that Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays. I love the color scheme, the sweets and a reason to make the people in my life feel extra special. Trent and I are typically low key when it comes to celebrating actual Valentine's Day. We cook a nice meal and give each other a card but skip the presents. It was just Christmas 2.5 seconds ago and there's nothing either of us need. But now that we have Piper, I'm realizing more than ever the importance of photos. Yes, I take a lot of photos for my job but I rarely get out my camera and take photos of us. It's my goal to make an effort to have more photos taken of us as a family and actually print the photos instead of them living on my phone. 

This photo shoot was the definition of last minute. Ailee called me the night before and told me she reserved Nancy's studio for an hour the next morning if we were interested. I always have balloons on hand so it didn't take long to pull everything together, PTL for electric balloon pumps! But these might be my favorite photos with Piper yet. I don't anticipate doing a shoot for every holiday but it's my goal as a mom to find simple ways make holidays special and document the memories!

Regardless of what and how you're celebrating today, Piper and I are sending a little extra love your way! :)

mother daughter valentine's photos
mother daughter valentine's photos - cake and confetti
mother daughter valentine's photos cake and confetti
mother daughter valentine's photos cake & confetti
mother daughter valentine's photos
kids valentines day photo shoot