cake and confetti

I'm so excited to share my Halloween costume this year! I always like to infuse a little DIY to make my costume unique and for some reason I'm really obsessed with holographic foil right now so I knew that had to be incorporated somehow. After a little brainstorming my galactic princess/constellation/sparkly space cadet costume was born. Honestly, I'm not even sure what to name it so hit me up if you have any ideas!

Making the star headpiece was the most time consuming part of the costume but without it I would be just a chick in a star covered dress and that's not really the look I was going for! ;) To make the headpiece I used a regular headband from Hobby Lobby, silver jewelry wire and craft paper that I traced into stars. I cut the silver wire in various sizes and wrapped it around the base of the headband a few times and used my hot glue gun to secure the stars to the wire. I found this grey off the shoulder dress and covered it with silver glitter spray paint then glued silver stars all over it. 

cake and confetti
cake and confetti

For my favorite part of the whole costume, my hair and makeup! Some of you might have seen me mention last month that I was look for some part time help? Well, Kailey one of the hair/makeup artists at Sunkissed and Made Up and the blogger behind Double Shot of Sass started helping me behind the scenes and it was so fun to collaborate on this project! She created a glitter root and added iridescent shadow and sparkles around my eyes. Naturally I had to go with the bright pink lip to offset the lack of color in my outfit.

-glue gun
-loose silver glitter
-a can of glitter spray
-silver glitter and hologram cardstock
-a thin, neutral headband
-12 gauge jewelry wire
-grey off the shoulder dress