Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love sharing my quirkier side. Last year for Halloween I styled a haunted house for a national brand here in Houston and it was SO fun. Who knew turning jello brains and hearts in zombie food would get me so excited but let me tell ya, it did! The whole experience was so different than any other project I've styled i.e. the cuteness factor was close to ZERO. But this Halloween I wanted to incorporate the fun I had creating the creepy scene with something a little more C&C! This cocktails is easy to mix up in batches if you want to serve it for a Halloween party this next weekend. I'll let you in on a little secret - it's basically it's a dressed up cranberry vodka!

cake & confetti halloween
cake and confetti halloween

I used red gel food coloring around the edge to create a bloody drip effect. Be sure to drink this cocktail out of a straw to avoid getting red dye all over your mouth. To go along with the mad scientist theme, I used these glass beakers as cocktail glasses and this larger one as the decanter.

I bought a variety of Halloween candy from the bins at Central Market and alternated the pieces on wooden skewers. I also think it would be cool to have a skewer full of the chocolate eyes so if you give that I try let me know! I purchased a bottle of Blavod for another Halloween project but it's basically black food coloring mixed with vodka so you can totally go the easy route and mix up your own.

After you fill the glass with ice you can add the skewers - the ice should keep them in place! Then fill the glass 3/4 of the way and top with one ounce of the black vodka. Don't mix before serving so you can keep the ombre effect for a more spooky touch!

Blavod (or black food coloring mixed with vodka)
Cranberry juice
Wooden screwers
Red gel food coloring
A variety of Halloween candy
Glass beakers for glasses

cake and confetti cocktails
cake and confetti
cake and confetti