I still have a little bit of weight left to lose but I'm finally able to fit back into the clothes in my closet and feel good about myself in them - whoo whoo!! There are some things I still can't wear i.e. white jeans but honestly I'm not sweating it. My hips are wider now so some things just aren't going to fit the same! I'm eating pretty healthy and working out a few days a week but I'm not going to give up my nightly glass of wine or deprive myself with some crazy diet to lose the weight quicker. I'm more focused on being healthy, happy, accepting my body and choosing to love it! 

With that being said, I try to dress for my body shape. I know what styles are going to be most flattering and help hide that extra 10 lbs. :) Spring and summer clothes are always my favorite and because I was pregnant this time last year, it's been awhile since I've shopped like this. Let me tell ya, I love ALL the trends this season! The bright colors, gingham, white shoes and playful accessories really speak to me. These are the things I've always gravitated towards and now they're everywhere! After seeing several fashion bloggers with big floral earrings, I ordered the below daisy ones last night!

Without further ado, here's what I'm buying for spring! You can find these items and anything else I'm loving under the SHOP tab. I've added my mama must-haves, items from the nursery and what Piper's wearing, too!