Harvest Snaps Sriracha Snack Mix


I'm back with another easy snack idea using Harvest Snaps! There's something really fun about making snack mix, you can use your imagination and pretty much add whatever you'd like! I always throw a bunch of snacks together that we have on hand to make a little snack mix when we head on road trips. It's a great alternative to chips or other unhealthy snacks, but I'm warning you this mix is veeery addicting!

cake and confetti
cake and confetti

Savory Sriracha Snack Mix:
Equal parts popcorn, pretzels, Harvest Snaps (either Wasabi Ranch or Lightly Salted), cashews and sesame sticks. I added half the amount of wasabi peas because they are super flavorful and a little goes a long way. Then I sprinkled the mix with Sriracha seasoning instead of the liquid version. I poured all the ingredients into a paper bag and gave it a good shake so the seasoning coated everything. Easy peasy! If you're not going to eat it immediately be sure to put it in an air tight container so it stays fresh.

What's your favorite thing to add to snack mix? Are you a savory or sweet person? I typically like a good mix of the two but something about chocolate with Sriracha seemed questionable!

Thank you Harvest Snaps for partnering to make this post possible! All opinions are my own.