Cake & Confetti Thanksgiving Meredith Staggers

It's really hard to believe Thanksgiving is already next week. Seriously where is November going?! I know this time of year is crazy busy BUT I really need time to slow down just a tad. Yesterday I was so convinced Thanksgiving was still two weeks away that I even tried to convince my best friend she was the one mixed up. Let's go ahead and blame the confusion on Thanksgiving being a week earlier than last year, okay?

Even though I'm not mentally ready, my festive sock game is on point thanks to Hot Sox! When I saw this Thanksgiving Feast pattern I knew I had to have them. I couldn't resist the canned cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie combo. Now that I have my dates straight, I fully plan to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal in these adorable socks.

Read or not, Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow so bring on the pumpkin pie!

Thank you Hot Sox for sponsoring this post.