After having many of you ask for some hair tutorials and tips, I’ve decided it’s time to share! I don’t feel like my hair styles are anything special, but I’ve been asked to share everything from the waves, braids to even the messy bun. I’ve also rounded up some of the cutest hair accessories to start. I’ll sharing a couple easy tutorials in the coming weeks, too! I’ve purchased a few of these already and have more on my wish list. It’s amazing how something as simple as a bow can help add a feminine touch or dress you up! Plus it look like you didn’t just throw your hair into a pony while juggling a baby and everything else- or maybe that’s just me?!


I am LOVING this new trend of bows in the hair. I used to think bows sometimes looked a little silly, like a 5 year old, but the new trend has such sleek and feminine ones, I think they really fit all styles.


Scarves are my favorite when trying to hide my unwashed hair. Instead of throwing on a baseball hat, I can dress up my look a little with a scarf. Sometimes I leave the ends to flow and other times I knot or tie them up.


I think clips and barrettes are so cute to add a pop to your regular hair style. Whether its a subtle gold or fun color, they help you pull back some hair with a twist. It’s nice to change it up and not just have the same look for everything. I also think barrettes can make a look dressier, for a date night or wedding.

10761315520_4A1A3773 2.JPG


I am always searching in my purse/ diaper bag/ car console/ etc. for a hair tie. I found some cute ones that will be harder to lose because of the texture and trinkets added on to them. They also take the basic ponytail up a notch!