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We are a split household when it comes to football. I originally went to Texas Tech, but then transferred to The University of Texas my sophomore year. Trent went to Texas Tech and is a diehard red raider. This is a big weekend for our family as Texas plays Texas Tech at Tech’s home in Lubbock. Now that we have Piper, tailgating parties are a bit different than they were in the past. I love having friends over to watch the game and “tailgate” out my mom car/Tahoe.

There are tons of great munchies and snacks that you can serve at a football party, but my favorite type of food for a football game is breakfast. Trent is tied to the TV starting pretty early in the day to watch Game Day on ESPN and all the best games for the day. What better food to have than breakfast all day! Below are some foods and recipes that I love to serve.

cake and confetti tailgate ideas
easy trader joes tailgate ideas
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  • No need to make a mess in your kitchen and individually grill each pancake. I love the mini pre-made frozen pancakes from Trader Joes. They are cute, quick and easy to prep and Piper loves them too!

  • It’s all about the toppings!

    • Berries, chocolate chips and whip cream for a sweet version

    • Bacon and pecans are great for a savory version

  • Make sure to have lots of syrup

    • I love to use 100% maple syrup

    • For the adults, add a tablespoon of bourbon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to a cup of maple syrup

bloody mary football tailgate ideas

Bloody Mary

  • It’s basically vegetables in a glass, so you don’t have to feel bad about it, right?

  • We always start with Titos for some Longhorn flavor (from Austin, of course) and our favorite mixer is Zing Zang 

  • Same as pancakes, it is all about the toppings!

    • You can start with the staples -limes, olives and celery stick

    • Add pickled veggies of all kinds- okra, green beans, asparagus

    • Don’t forget something unexpected- I like to use Chomps beef sticks for something to chew on and protein

      • Add whatever you love, some people go really far putting an entire meal on top of the glass, like pizza

I usually like to grab some breakfast tacos from our favorite local spot and call it a party! There are so many other great breakfast foods that you add to your tailgate in the back of your truck, mini-van, suburban, whatever car you have! Last year, I rounded up some great easy brunch recipes that you can add to your spread.

Cake and Confetti
texas football tailgate ideas

Hope you have a great time cheering on your favorite team.

Hook ‘Em!!!!