Happy Monday, friends! I woke up with a bit of cold this morning and there's no room in my to-do list today for feeling under the weather. So I'm downing Emergen-C and hoping for the best. This past Wednesday I flew to Orange County to meet Trent for our last vacation before the baby arrives! On Wednesday and Thursday I explored solo while he was at the work conference then we were together the rest of the weekend. We're typically non-stop on vacations but this was the first time while pregnant I realized I can't keep up quite like I used to! 

Regardless of my slower pace, we still had an amazing weekend bouncing around Newport Beach and the surrounding beach towns. Here are a few highlights of our adventures!

Cake and Confetti Meredith Staggers

Wanna know the trick to feeling small when you're almost 30 weeks pregnant?! Stand next to giant furniture, ha! ;) 

Cake and Confetti Newport Beach

The prettiest view from the pier in Newport. As someone who has lived in Houston my whole life, I can't imagine living somewhere as beautiful as this! I don't think I'd get any work done if I looked out my window to this everyday. :)

Memories Quote

Spotted this mural while out shopping in Newport Beach on Thursday and absolutely love the message!


I was shopping around the Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach and stumbled into the most colorful store, Yolk. If I had a bigger suitcase I would have bought just about everything. If you're in the area I highly recommend spending some time here and Serena & Lily's storefront is a few shops down! 

Meredith and Trent Staggers

Bumpin' big time in my Anthro jumpsuit on our bike ride Saturday afternoon. I had so many people ask about it after I shared a boomerang on stories over the weekend but sad to say I haven't been able to find it online. I bought it on sale, originally it was over $100 but discounted to $29 then 40% off of that. SERIOUS WIN!

Cake and Confetti surfer california

Saturday night's sunset in Laguna Beach. It was so fascinating watching all the surfers do their thing.