A month ago we (as in me + Piper) bought a blow up pool for the backyard. Trent came home to quite the surprise! Piper and I were splashing and kicking around in the backyard. It has been so great for so many reasons- it supplies everyday entertainment, is the perfect place for friends to come over and let their babes play, the best photo opportunity and the perfect place to finally use all of the fun floats I'm hoarding like this rainbow and this watermelon

The pool is 30 inches tall so most kids can stand up in it but still always need their floaties even though its shallow. It's just like the baby pool in neighborhoods or at the country clubs. We have a pool in our neighborhood, but by the time I load up Piper and all of her belongings, I know she would be over it in 15 minutes so not worth the 45+ we spent getting ready. Since it's in our backyard, she can play then I can bring her in to nap, pour myself a glass of rosé and head back outside with the baby monitor in hand!

I have received some questions about care for the pool when I've shared on Instagram so hopefully this will answer some questions! We run the pump every few days to make sure the water is clean and moved around and we keep it covered while we aren't using it. I purchased test strips to make sure the water is balanced and I'll add chlorine if it's not. One downside is that it has ruined our yard right where it's sitting BUT we never went on that side of the yard anyways so it's well worth it! Even though we have standing water in our yard, we haven't had any mosquitoes because we still get sprayed every 21 days by Mosquito Squad Houston. If you book with them, make sure to mention you heard about them on Cake & Confetti!

For the days I don't want to get in the "big" pool, I can put Piper in this cute swan pool with a little bit or water or just some balls and she is super entertained. It was great last week when we had so much rain. I put her in her suit and let her splash on the screened in porch.

I linked some of our favorite pool gear below! So what do you think? Would you kill your grass for the sake of staying cool when it's 100 degrees?!